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Mechanical Engineers
Recruitment positions:Mechanical Engineers Recruitment number:2 Work place:HuiZhou Return
  1. Educational background: Bachelor degree or above, mechanical engineering or related major.

  2. Work experience: More than 3 years of work experience in mechanical design, manufacturing or related fields.

  3. Mechanical design ability: Have solid theoretical knowledge of mechanical design and be familiar with common mechanical design software (such as CAD, SolidWorks , etc.).

  4. Engineering analysis capabilities: Ability to perform mechanical analysis, kinematic analysis, thermodynamic analysis, etc.

  5. Knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes: Understand the properties and selection of various materials, and be familiar with manufacturing processes (such as processing, casting, welding, etc.).

  6. Problem-solving ability: Good at analyzing and solving faults and problems in mechanical systems, and being able to propose improvement plans.

  7. Team spirit: Good teamwork skills and the ability to communicate effectively with other engineers, technicians and related departments.

  8. Innovation ability: Have innovative thinking and be able to propose novel design concepts and solutions.

  9. Self-learning ability: Positive and enterprising, with enthusiasm and ability to learn new technologies and new fields.

  10. Certificate requirements: Applicants holding relevant professional qualification certificates will be given priority.