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How to use cartoning machine for fully automatic cartoning in the cosmetics industry?
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With the continuous development and progress of the times, various industries are constantly developing, and at the same time, competition among various industries is becoming increasingly fierce. For every entrepreneur, there are fewer and fewer opportunities in this competitive market. If you want to have a career of your own in this highly competitive market, you obviously need a solid brand to support it. In these fields, the definition of beauty and health care is constantly being updated and the demand is increasing, which is conducive to the rapid development of China's facial mask industry.

Cartoning Machine

        At present, my country's facial mask industry is in a period of rapid and stable development. However, current competitive strategies are far from reaching the level of skin creams and cleansing products. The facial mask faucet has not yet been monopolized by the market. Low brand loyalty, huge space for investment activities. Investing season is approaching. Because there is no monopoly or benchmarking brand management organization in the Chinese market, the Chinese facial mask market will have greater room for development in the future. It is also necessary to improve the production efficiency of the back-end packaging of facial masks. Packaging machines mainly include vertical cartoning machines, horizontal cartoning machines, etc. This machine automatically stacks the masks, automatically loads the instructions into the folding box, and completes the box closing action. Some automatic boxing machines with more complete functions also have additional functions such as sealing labels or heat shrink packaging.

       The action of unloading cartons is usually to remove the cartons from the carton library, and then move the cartons downward for packaging. The carton is fixed by the guide rail and the push plate is opened. At the same time, the ejection rod pushes the product into the carton. After the carton feeding is completed, the mechanism folds the ears on the left and right guide rails, and then closes the lid. The mechanism in front of the cover first bends the carton, then pushes the cover flat, inserts the tongue into the box and locks it. The closing action is a key action, which is related to the structure of the carton and the accuracy of machine adjustment.

The use of this equipment can greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises, which can not only meet the current market demand, but also promote the industrialization process of our country. It has the characteristics of integration, intelligence and mechanization.

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