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What is the overall structure of the fully automatic cartoning machine?
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All parts exposed to the air are made of austenitic stainless steel, and parts with surface treatment such as chemical plating shall not rust or peel off.

The utility model adopts a semi-enclosed visual window structure for safe operation, and the box loading work area is relatively isolated from the outside world. The surfaces of various parts in the closed workroom are smooth, without dead angles, easy to observe, easy to clean, and easy to install.

The feed rack before the carton is dropped should be easy to adjust and easy to load the carton. The adjustment of the feed rack can adapt to the changes in the specifications of the carton. A release device is provided under the feed rack to ensure that only one carton is taken each time the box is sucked. When used in combination, the box shape is quadrilateral. In addition, the vacuum can be easily adjusted.

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The material rack of the operating instructions should be easy to adjust and convenient for placing paper, and the "falling" action should be correct to ensure that each "fall" only carries one sheet of paper, and the folding is completed by mechanical folding, and there should be no damage during the folding process. When the box is batch numbered, it is necessary to ensure that the printing position is correct, the letter conversion is adjusted quickly, and the batch number position error is <±1.5mm; the batch number position error does not exceed ±1.5mm, and the batch number handwriting is clear and legible, without overlap and blur.

According to the process requirements, it can have a centralized conversion processing mechanism suitable for single or multiple cartoning forms, and can meet the changes in packaging specifications after parts replacement and appropriate adjustment.

The pusher for pushing (sending) the folded instructions and packaging boxes into the formed paper box should have a buffer and anti-overload design to achieve soft push-in, and the pushing process should not damage the packaging and paper box. The folding tongues on both sides of the box should be a front and back folding and inserting process, with a smooth folding track, and the inserted tongue knife can fit the tongue when swinging without damaging the tongue.

The speed of the box conveyor belt is stable and there is no jamming phenomenon, ensuring that the feeding mechanism automatically enters and exits the box. During the box packaging process, the intersection of the insert, bottle pusher, sealing tongue and the conveyor belt should be balanced and pass smoothly.

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